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Candidate Questions

When may I begin raising campaign funds?

What are the requirements to be a candidate for election?


Where do I pay a traffic ticket?

How do I get copies of public records?

Why was my claim against the City of Tuscaloosa denied?

How do I find an attorney to represent me?

Do I need an attorney to deal with the Office of the City Attorney?


How can I avoid infection with COVID-19?

Will my garbage, trash and recycling still be picked up?

Are we in a state of emergency?

Where can I get screened for COVID-19?

Do I need to avoid public gatherings?

Are PARA-sponsored events and sports leagues canceled?

How will the City of Tuscaloosa provide updates?

How is the City of Tuscaloosa monitoring the COVID-19 situation?

What do I do if I start experiencing symptoms?

Who is at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19?

Is Tuscaloosa following the State Health Officer’s “Safer at Home” Order?

Is City Hall closed?

Will the City’s tornado shelters be open in the case of a weather event?

Where can I find meals for my children while school is canceled?


How do I protect my sensitive information?

Can electronically submitted tax returns (such as Turbo Tax) be submitted as verification documentation?

My divorce or separation decree requires me to provide benefits for my former spouse. How does that affect me?

What will Hodges-Mace, LLC do with my documents? Will my personal information be safe with Hodges-Mace, LLC?

Will I receive confirmation once my documentation is received?

What happens to the coverage of individuals who don't meet the definition of an eligible dependent?

Should I trust sending information to Hodges-Mace, LLC?

What happens if I do not return the Dependent Verification Affidavit and required documentation before the deadline?

What is the deadline for returning the Dependent Eligibility Affidavit and providing the appropriate documents verifying eligibility?

What should I do if one or more of my enrolled dependents does not meet eligibility requirements as listed in the attached Dependent Eligibility Matrix?

Is this verification even legal?

Does City of Tuscaloosa not trust me?

Should I provide the supporting documentation for my dependents to my site Human Resources team?

Who can answer my questions about the definition of an eligible dependent?

How do I know my documents are secure?

Who is Hodges-Mace, LLC?

Why is City of Tuscaloosa conducting this audit?

Environmental Services

What landfill does the City of Tuscaloosa use?

How can I request a free tour or field trip at the City recycling plant?

I own a business in Tuscaloosa. Am I eligible to receive City garbage, trash, and recycling collection services?

When is my collection day?

I'm ready to recycle. How do I get started?

What time should I put my garbage cart, trash pile, and recycling bin at the curb?

What is the difference between garbage and trash?

I live in a household where no one is physically able to roll out a garbage cart or recycling bin. Does the City have a disabled collection program?

My garbage cart is damaged/broken. How can I request a repair?

How can I get a garbage cart?

I live in Tuscaloosa. Am I eligible to receive City garbage, trash, and recycling collection services?


What meetings are scheduled today?

Where can I take the 100 Days Nonviolence Pledge?

How can I rent Government Plaza?

Extended Curfew FAQs

Is City Hall closed?

Can I leave my house to exercise outdoors?

Can I leave my house to visit family?

What can I leave my house for during the curfew?

Will local businesses that are closed during this time get any aid from the City?

How long will the extended curfew last?

If I work for an essential business, do I need to keep proof in my car in case I get pulled over while traveling for work?

How is the curfew being enforced?

What do I do if my business is on the non-essential business list, but I believe we are providing an essential good or service?

Where do I report a non-essential business that is still operating?

How do I know if my business is essential or not?



What is the City of Tuscaloosa's investment policy for municipal funds?

Can I pick up my check from the Finance Department?

What is the deadline for turning in an invoice to get a check processed for the same week?

When are accounts payable checks processed and mailed?

What does the City of Tuscaloosa do to collect on a returned check?

How can I bid on City surplus items?

Is there a charge to be placed on the bid list?

How do I find out about bidding opportunities?

What are Finance's hours of operation?


Why did they send a fire truck when I called 9-1-1 for an ambulance?

How can I get a ride to the hospital?

Does the fire department give away smoke alarms?

Does the fire department install child passenger seats?

How do I get a burn permit?

Do I need a burn permit?

How do I get a copy of a fire report?

How many calls does the department respond to each year?

When a fire seems small, why do so many fire engines respond?

What do firefighters do when they are not on calls fighting fires?

A member of my family is disabled. What does he/she do during a fire?

Why do I have to dial 9-1-1? Can't I call my nearest fire station direct and save time?

How can I schedule a fire engine and firefighter to provide fire prevention or life safety information at my function?

Do you get cats out of trees?

What do I do when I am driving and see approaching emergency vehicles displaying sirens and red lights?

Why do firefighters break windows and cut holes in roofs when the fire is inside a building?

How can I donate my building to Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue to use in training?

How do I become a firefighter?

Why do I see fire department crews at the grocery store?

Why do crews work 24-hour shifts?

Does the Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue offer community CPR classes?

Why does a fire engine respond with the ambulance?


How can I run reports on my timecard, accrual balances and my schedule?

How do I request time off?

How can I view my AVAIL, SAIL and comp time balances?

How can I view my timecard?

What paid time off do I earn?

What is overtime? What is compensatory time?

What if my regular day off falls on a City observed holiday?

What if I work on the day of the City observed holiday?

What if a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday?

What are the paid City holidays?

What is the City's time and attendance system?

What is alt-duty (alternative duty)?

How does the workers' comp system work?

If I need safety-related training, what should I do?

If I drop my coverage as a retiree on the City Group Health Plan, will I be allowed to re-enroll in the plan at a later date?

How long can I keep my dependent child on my City Group Health Plan coverage?

What is a "qualifying event"?

I am an active employee. How do I enroll or add a dependent to my City Group Health or Dental Plan?

What is call-out pay?

What is step-up pay and who qualifies for it?

What is shift differential pay?

How do you request a change in salary within an employee's existing pay grade and pay range?

How will my pay change if my position is reclassified to a job with a higher pay grade?

How is a position reclassified to another job classification?

How is an existing job classification revised?

How is a new job classification created?

How will my pay change if my job classification is upgraded?

What is an upgrade of a job classification?

What if I am topped out in the pay range of my job's pay grade?

What is a step raise?

What is a COLA?

What are exempt and non-exempt employees?

What are the pay plan exhibits?

When will I get paid?

Once I complete the probationary period, what are my protections as a full-time employee?

May I be terminated during the probationary period?

If I am newly hired or promoted to a different job with the City, how long is the probationary period?

How do I apply for promotion in the Police and Fire Rescue Departments?

What if I'd like to customize my cover letter and/or resume for a position?

Once I complete an application and want to apply for another position, do I have to redo the entire application process?

If I applied for a position that has closed and see another position for the same job title, do I need to apply again?

How do I know if I qualify for a position?

How do I contact the hiring department?

What happens after the interview?

How do I check the status of my application?

What if I can't remember the username and password that I used to create my online application?

How do I apply online for a job with the City of Tuscaloosa?

How do I apply to be a firefighter, police officer or telecommunicator with the City of Tuscaloosa?

How do I apply for a job with the City of Tuscaloosa?

Juvenile Curfew

What is the process for a parent/guardian who receives a citation?

Why involve parents/guardians when students skip school?

How will this law be enforced?

What about holidays?

What about students who are homeschooled or attending class elsewhere?

What if a student has a valid excuse for missing school?

When does the amendment take effect?

When was this passed by City Council?

What is the objective of this amendment?

What is the daytime juvenile curfew amendment?

Where can I find curfew ordinance info?

Local COVID19 FAQs

Main FAQs

What is the latest news?

When is the next City Council meeting?

Is City Hall open today?

Who do I speak to about a business license?

Where can I find impact fees?

How do I report grass problems online?

What employees are eligible for full benefits?

Can I pay my speeding ticket without coming to court?

Can I get a copy of the mayor's core beliefs?

How do I report a pothole in the street?

How do I report a sanitary sewer problem?

Who is my City Council representative?

When does the Tuscaloosa City Council meet?

How do I invest in Tuscaloosa's pre-K initiative?

Where do I vote in the general election in Tuscaloosa County?

When do I use Tuscaloosa 311?

When do I use 911?

Municipal Court

How do I view municipal codes?

Where can I pay my parking or traffic ticket?

What type of bond must I use?

How do I get a court-appointed attorney?

What do I do if there is a warrant for my arrest?

What should I wear to court?

How do I keep a traffic citation off my record?

Can I bring my children with me to court?

Can I reset my court date over the phone?

What kind of payment is accepted?

Do I have to pay extra court costs if I come to court?

Am I expected to pay my fine and court costs when I appear in Court?

How can I find out what my fine will be before I come to court?

Can someone else pay my fine for me?

Can I pay my ticket without coming to court?

What do I do if I get a Minor in Possession citation?

Can I plead guilty and pay a fine to the court before my court date?

What should I expect to happen in court?

Where is the Municipal Court building located?

New Resident Information

How do I setup water and garbage service?

Where can I find local school information?

Where can I find resources for other services (e.g., electricity and/or gas)?

Where can I find emergency disaster information?

Are any animals banned in the city limits?

Where are the parks?

Where can I sign up for water services?

Open Enrollment

Why do I need to verify my dependent documentation?

What do I need to do now?

Will my benefits stay the same if I don't participate in open enrollment?

What is passive enrollment?


What is the Police Jurisdiction?

I'm going out of town on vacation. What do I need to do?

I need a pistol permit. Where do I go?

I need fingerprints taken for a job application. Can the Police Department do that for me?

How do I swear out a warrant on an individual?

Who do I call to file a complaint against a Tuscaloosa police officer?

Does the Police Department have a reserve program?

I need information about an ongoing investigation. Who do I call?

How do I report information about illegal drug activity?

How do I report an uncut yard or unkempt premises?

How do I get employment information?

Who do I call for general police information?

How do I get information about a taxi license?

How do I inquire about an impounded vehicle or recovered property?

How can I get media information?

Can a civilian ride with Tuscaloosa police officers?

How do I apply for a parade permit?

How do I inquire about a police report?

What information do I need to give 911 when I call?

How do I request a police officer for a non-emergency?

Where can I get information about sex offenders?


What records are required to be maintained?

How are license fees calculated?

Can I file and pay my city taxes electronically?

What is use tax?

What is rental tangible personal property tax?

What is a tax exempt sale?

What are wholesale sales?

What is sales tax?

What is considered a timely payment for taxes?

When are taxes due?

What taxes are administered by the City of Tuscaloosa?

What is my ID number?

Can I face criminal penalties for failure to obtain a business License?

Is there a penalty for failure to renew a business license on time?

When do City of Tuscaloosa business licenses expire?

What type of license do I need to open a business?

What are Gross Receipts?

What is the cost of an initial business license?

What is a code compliance?

What is the first step to obtain a business license?

When is a City of Tuscaloosa business license required?

Water & Sewer

Who do I call for boat traffic complaints?

What if a dead animal is in the lake?

What is the process on having your septic tank certified and how often?

How do I obtain a dredging/tree removal permit on Lake Tuscaloosa?

How do I obtain a structure permit on Lake Tuscaloosa?

How do I turn on my water service?

How do I request my water service to be turned off?

Where are lift stations located?

Water is coming out or shooting up from the ground or street. Who do I call?

How do I report a broken curb-stop?

My water meter is leaking or box is filled with water. Who do I call?

What if my meter box is broken?

What if there is a broken fire hydrant?

Why do I have little or no water pressure?

There's a strong chlorine smell. Who do I call?

I don't have any water. Who do I call?

I have black particles in my water. What do I do?

I have white particles in my water. What do I do?

There's an odor in my water. What do I do?

I have dirty water. What do I do?

How do I drain my hot water heater?

There’s a broken sewer line. Who do I call?

My main line is stopped up. Who do I call?

I need to tie onto the city’s line/system. Who do I call?

Am I on city sewer? How do I get on city sewer? Who do I call?

I need a sewer line locate done. Who do I call?

There's a manhole overflowing. Who do I call?

I have sewage in my front yard. Who do I call?

How does a customer discontinue service?

Does the Water Office have online forms for the various transactions available to water customers?

How do I get the hydrant meter removed once I complete its use?

How do I get access to pull water from the fire hydrant at my property?

I’ve legally changed my name (typical reasons: Death, Marriage, Divorce, Etc.) How do I change my name on my water account?

My property was leased to a person(s) that left without paying their water account balance or I bought this residence or property from a person(s) that left an outstanding water account balance. How do I clear the property of the liability caused by this other person(s)?

I had a water bill much bigger than any I’ve ever received. I found a leak in my plumbing and have fixed it. Can I get relief from this excessive unintended water use?

How do I set up automatic bill payments from my checking account?

How do I open a new water account or transfer an account to a new location?

How do I make online payments to my water account?

How do I check my water account balance?

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